Monday, April 23, 2007

Rainbow Trout Fishing Tips

While there are lot of different trout species, the majority of trout fishers fish for rainbow trout which have been planted in their local waters by state run hatcheries. Hatchery rainbow trout are the most prevalent across the country - and some of the easiest trout to catch. Still there are some rainbow trout fishing tips which will help you catch more trout.

Artificial flies, lures, spinners, nightcrawlers, mealworms, salmon eggs, grasshoppers and other common bait sources work well on hatchery rainbow trout.

But there are some other baits that work well also that most people would not consider. Cheese, marshmallows and corn are the top of the list. Many anglers even use corn for chum. Lake fishers often consider these bait sources some of their favorite rainbow trout fishing tips.

PowerBait is another one. It's not uncommon to find several anglers carrying multiple PowerBait colors along with a bit of cheese, corn, and marshmallows in the cooler. In fact, these three things are so effective on hatchery rainbow trout, that Berkely has even started making PowerBait that mimic corn, cheese and marshmallows.

One of the primary reasons PowerBait such an effective bait source is because it floats - which keeps your baited hook off the bottom of the lake. This makes it easier for trout swimming by to see.

Many anglers will blow air into their nightcrawlers using a worm blower or syringe. Doing this gives you the best of both worlds - natural scented bait that floats so your baited hook stays off the bottom of the lake! This again, betters your chances of catching trout passing by.

Trout attractant is another great tip for catching rainbow trout. Live baits have the advantage of providing their own scent which trout can smell from a distance. But artificial baits usually lack this quality. Adding a bit of scent to lures and spinners will greatly improve your chances of catching trout.

And here's the best rainbow trout fishing tip for kids. The hardest part about teaching kids to trout fish, is the wait between catches (which is often far and few between). Kids lack patience and not catching fish can be frustrating. The best way to overcome this difficulty is to take them to a rainbow trout farm.

These trout farms usually allow the kids to fish (and even provide poles and bait) in an environment where they are pretty much guaranteed to catch fish. Reeling a fish in will give them a joy and excitement they will remember for a lifetime and it will help them gain interest in trout fishing.

A word of caution though - some of these trout farms can be expensive (as they make the size and number of trout you catch). So pay close attention to the kids and how many fish they are catching (catch and release is usually not allowed on rainbow trout farms).

Arizona has one of the best rainbow trout farms in the country. If you've never been to a trout farm, you can get an idea of what they generally have to offer by checking it out. Others trout farms are pretty much the same, with costs being the main difference.

Next time you go trout fishing, you might want to give some of these rainbow trout fishing tips a try. For more trout fishing tips, click here.

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