Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lahontan Cutthroat Trout

Lahontan Cutthroat Trout get their name from the lake they once resided in. Listed as Nevada's state fish, these cutthroat trout are native to tributaries in the eastern Sierra. But competition from rainbow, brook, and brown trout have replaced the Lahontan cutthroat in most of its native range. Lake trout have prevented Lahontan trout from thriving in Lake Tahoe.

Lahontan trout have a similar history to Eagle Lake trout. Both got their name from the lakes they resided in. Both lakes have a high alkaline concentration. Due to changing conditions which led to reduced populations, both trout were thought to be extinct for a while. The California Department of Fish and Game has taken steps to preserve both Lahontan and Eagle Lake trout.

The primary difference is that Eagle Lake trout are rainbows and Lahontan trout are cutthroats.

The Upper Truckee River was sterilized to remove brook trout which were competing with cutthroat trout for food and other resources. After the removal of brook trout, cutthroat trout were replanted in the river in an effort to restore them to their natural habitat and increase population. Today, the Upper Truckee River is one of 6 Heritage Trout waters offering folks a chance to catch Lahontan trout.

Other waters where you can catch Lahontan trout include:
  • Heenan Lake
  • East Walker River Wildlife Area
  • Martis Lake
  • Humboldt River
  • Walker River
  • Quinn River
  • Pyramid Lake (which holds the record for largest Lahontan trout at 41 lbs!)
  • Walker Lake
  • Summit Lake
  • East Fork Carson River
  • McLeod Lake
  • Crowley Lake
  • Slinkard/Little Antelope Wildlife Area
  • Pickel Meadow Wildlife Area
  • Fremont Weir Wildlife Area
Lahontan Cutthroat Trout have also been introduced into Lake Lenore in Washington state.

Although Lahontan trout appear to be making a comeback, they're still listed as "threatened" under the Federal Endangered Species Act. As such, angling is still limited to 'catch and release' in most of these waters.

For more information, visit the Lahontan National Fish Hatchery web.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Trout Fishing Clinic for Women

Missouri Department of Conservation will be holding a trout fishing clinic for women on March 7th between 6:30 - 8 p.m. at James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area. The goal is to help teach women about trout fishing.

You must register in advance by calling (816) 622- 0900.

This is a great opportunity for ladies to learn more about trout fishing.

Trout Season Starts Early in Southeast Pennsylvania

Trout season will begin two weeks early this year for 18 counties in southeast Pennsylvania. Folks in these Pennsylvania counties can begin trout fishing on March 31st this year. The rest of the state will have to wait until April 14th.

In addition to this change, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission also plans to begin stocking larger trout statewide. They've also added sections of Plum and Halter creeks in Blair County to the list of Class A Wild Trout Waters and removed a section of Beaverdam Run, Somerset County from the Class A list.

All of these efforts are part of an ongoing effort to help provide a better trout fishing experience for Pennsylvania anglers.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Drift Fishing Secrets for Steelhead & Salmon

Many anglers feel that drift fishing is the best way to catch steelhead trout. This technique does have a high success rate - but so do others.

None the less, I was browsing the other day and came across this book called, Steelhead & Salmon Drift-Fishing Secrets. The book caught my attention because it focused on steelhead fishing in the Northwest. Most of the books I checked out in the past focused on regions further east.

So in an effort to make sure my readers always have the best trout fishing resources, I bought the book and decided to check it out for myself. And I have to say I was quite impressed with the quality of information in this 96-page book.

The author took a no-nonsense approach to sharing valuable steelheading tips and secrets. I like that. As much as I love hearing people's stories, when it comes to learning new fishing tips, I like to cut to the chase and get straight to relevant information.

The book covered everything from basic trout anatomy to cleaning and filleting your catch. Chapters in between told what equipment to buy, how to set it up, and how to use it. Several different fishing techniques were described in detail as well when to use them, and when not to.

One of the most challenging aspects of steelhead fishing is knowing when you have a fish at the end of your line and should set the hook. The book did a nice job of explaining the different ways to tell if you have a steelhead trout checking out your offering (or bait).

In addition to these topics, it also does a better job on teaching you how to read a river than any other book I've seen. This is important because it helps you know where to find fish. There were tons of photos to help illustrate differences in water current, pools, etc.

Although many of the topics covered in this book are advanced, I would highly recommend this book for beginners too. All of the pictures and basic information about trout anatomy, reading rivers, and more make this a beneficial book for any experience level.

And even though this book is geared toward fishing the Northwest - I'm certain that many of the fishing techniques could be applied to other geographic regions. If you're serious about steelhead fishing, you'll want to add this book to your library.

By the way, I did get a new fishing tip out of the book. It's really a tip on caring for your gear. But the tip could improve your success rate in catching more trout.

I've mentioned in my trout fishing eBook that trout have a great sense of smell and that you should always be careful in handling your bait to reduce human smell transferring to it. While this is second nature for many anglers, many of us tend to overlook odors on our fishing line. Monofilament is porous and holds odors really well - and this too can be a problem in turning fish off.

The Drift-fishing book suggested that you store your extra line in zip-lock bags to further protect it from odors transferring to it. This tip would really help line stored in your garage or back of car.

I thought that was a nice little fishing tip and wanted to share it with you.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cottswold Boosts Brown Trout Stock

The Environmental Agency has recently planted thousands of brown trout eggs into the rivers around Cheltenham and Cirencester. This planting is part of an ongoing effort to mitigate declining brown trout populations in these rivers.

Over 110,000 trout eggs will have been introduced into the River Churn, the River Dikler, the River Coln and Apney Brook since the start of the year.

Incubation boxes were used to protect the eggs and newly hatched young fish from predators and let them adapt to the river's environment. After hatch, trout spend an average of 40 days in the boxes after before swimming out into the river.

The native brown trout has suffered from pollution, loss of habitat and competition from rainbow trout over the last hundred years, but the Environment Agency is attempting to increase numbers to preserve the diversity in the UK's rivers.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Year Round Fishing Begins on March 1 in California

On March 1st sections of the Truckee River, Little Truckee River, and East Walker River along with several other moving waters in California be open year round for fishing.

In the past, these waters have been closed to anglers from November 16th through the last Saturday in April.

For more information on trout fishing in Truckee, visit the Reno Fly Shop.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Trout Season Begins on March 1st at Three Missouri State Parks

Folks in in many states are anxiously awaiting for trout fishing season to officially open. On March 1st, folks will be able to enjoy opening day of the 2007 trout fishing season at three Missouri State Parks.

Roaring River State Park near Cassville, Bennett Spring State Park, and Montauk State Park near Salem will open for trout fishing season. Anglers can enjoy catch-and-keep trout fishing through October 31st.

For information about each of these state parks and Missouri Trout Fishing, click here. This website even has a trout fishing tutorial full of information on catching trout in these state parks.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Cleveland Winter Trout Fishing Tips

Steelhead trout fishing has been shut down on Cleveland's local rivers and streams in Ohio due to ice cover. But trout fishing remains good elsewhere.

Cleveland Metropark lakes continue to be one of best places in the Cleveland area to catch trout right now. These lakes have been recently stocked and more stockings are expected soon.
Wallace and Shadow lakes have been providing the best fishing, although trout have also been released at Ranger, Judge and Ledge lakes.

Try using 4 lb test line rigged with a split shot and small float. Small hooks or ice jigs tipped with PowerBait, wax worms, maggots, salmon eggs, and small minnows have been working really well.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Still Time to Register for Pawhuska Trout Derby

The Pawhuska Trout Derby in Pawhuska, Oklahoma will take place on Saturday (Feb. 17th). The top prize is $10,000 for catching the winning tagged trout!

You can pre-register for the trout derby at the Pawhuska Chamber of Commerce. Their web has entry forms you can download or you can call (918) 287-1208 for more information.

Other prizes will also be awarded throughout the day. Entry fees are $20 for pre-registration or $30 if registering on the day of the event.

There are three other trout derbies going on this weekend for folks who don't live in Pawhuska. You can get more information about 2007 trout derbies by clicking here.

Lone Pine Trout Season Opens March 3rd

Trout fishing season will officially open on March 3rd in Lone Pine, California. It will kick off with the Early Opener Trout Derby.

Lone Pine usually opens its trout fishing season earlier than anywhere else in the Eastern Sierra. Their lakes are stocked with Rainbow and Brown trout. You can also find Golden trout at the Golden Trout Wilderness Area, which isn't too far away.

For more information about the Line Pine Trout Derby, call (760) 876-9205.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Really Cool Underwater Trout Photos!

Want to see some really great photos of trout underwater? Check out the Fish Eye Guy's web site! This photographer has taken his camera underwater to capture some really cool trout photos!

The first two gallery links let you view the trout photos on the Internet. Gallery #1 is primarily contains photos of Golden and Cutthroat trout. Be sure to click the "next" pebble in the lower left corner of the screen to advance to the next picture.

Gallery #2 contains some great photos of Rainbow, Cuttbow, Brook and Brown trout. There's even a cool photo of a steelhead trout.

These photos offer a unique glimpse into the underwater world of trout! I'd personally like to share the photographer for sharing the photos! Most of us don't get to see trout from this perspective.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Laguna Niguel Anglers Get Alpers Trout

Folks in northern California are very familiar with the trophy size trout that the Alpers family provides to local lakes and rivers. But now anglers Laguna Niguel Lake are enjoying these exclusive trout too!

Laguna Niguel Lake has recently begun importing Alpers trout from the Eastern Sierra region for their new stocking program. From Mid-November through April, these trophy size rainbow trout are being stocked in Laguna Niguel Lake.

Alpers trout average 2-5 pounds when they are planted into a lake. So these trout can get pretty big by the time anglers catch one!

Little 5 year old David Alexander caught his first fish ever - and it was a 3 lb. whopper! David was using PowerBait and fishing from shore. Likewise 11 year old Matthew Williams also caught a 3 pounder using a green power worm from a boat! There are plenty more stories like these!

By the way, if you've ever wanted to try your hand at fly fishing, here's your chance to get some expert instruction at a very low price! Every Saturday, Laguna Niguel Lake offers beginning fly fishing classes from 7 - 9 a.m. Admission is $30 and the class is limited to 10 anglers. This opportunity is too good to pass up if you've ever considered learning fly fishing. Even experienced fly fishers can learn a thing or two about fly fishing on stillwater lakes!

Lugana Niguel is getting high marks from local angers for their quality fishing experience (and they have a great web site too!).

Sunday, February 11, 2007

2007 Trout Fishing Derbies and Tournaments

Looking for a trout fishing derby or tournament? Below is a list of some upcoming trout derbies and tournaments for 2007. Some are open to the public. Some are geared toward pro-fishermen. Some require team entry. And some offer BIG CASH PRIZES!

I've tried to compile a list of all the trout fishing derby for 2007. But as you can imagine, it can be difficult to keep up on this information on a large scale. Although I try and keep this list updated, I'd like your help. If you know of a trout derby that is not listed below, please let me know. I'd also like to hear results of from any of the derbies!

All of the links below, do open in a new window. So you might have to disable your pop-up blocker to view them.

January 13th - Jasper Youth Trout Derby (Jasper, Texas)

January 20th
- Winter Trout Fishing Derby (Litchfield Park, Arizona)

January 27th - Catch the Rainbow Ice-Fishing Tournament in Nova Scotia

February 3rd - Annual Bob McMillen Memorial TroutFishing Tournament

February 10th - Annual Star/Pal Fishing Derby (Chollas, California)

February 10th - Annual Howard Lake Fishing Derby (Howard Lake, Minnesota)

February 15 - March 15th - Lake Trout Ice Fishing Derby (Larder Lake, Canada)

February 17th - Annual Pawhuska Trout Derby (Pawhuska, Oklahoma)

February 17-18th - Wildhorse Reservoir Trout Derby (Elko, Nevada)

March 3rd - Early Opener Trout Derby (Lone Pine, California)

March 10th - Annual Lake Trout Ice Fishing Derby (Larder Lake, Canada)

March 16- April 14th - Spring Mack Days Lake Trout Derby (Flathead Lake, Montana)

April 14th - Pine Flat Team Trout Derby (California)

April 28- 29th - Wellsville Trout Derby ( Wellsville, New York)

May 4 - 13th - Lake Ontario Spring Fishing Derby (New York and Ontario, Canada)

May 5-6th - Annual Trout Derby (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania)

May 5-6th - Kokanee Power Spring Team Trout Derby (Shasta Lake, California)

May 5-6th - Annual Bass Lake Fishing Derby (Bass Lake, California)

May 19th - Don Pedro Kokanee Derby / Phil Johnson Memorial ( California)

May 19-20th - Koocanusa Resort Rainbow Trout and Salmon Derby (Koocanusa, Montana)

May 26 - July 15th - Lake Ontario Summer Fishing Derby

May 26-27th - Ontario Pro-Am Salmon & Trout Team Tournament (Orleans County)

June 2-3rd - Ontario Pro-Am Salmon & Trout Team Tournament (Niagra County)

June2-3rd - Annual Larder Lake Lion's Fish Derby (Larder Lake, Canada)

June 16th - Western Bar Trout Derby (Willow Creek Reservoir, Montana)

June 16thth - Annual Independence Father's Day Trout Fishing Derby (Independence, California)

June 17th - White Sulphur Springs Lion's Club Trout Derby Derby (Newlan Creek Reservoir, Montana)

June 23rd - Ross W. Merzky Memorial Fishing Tourney (Whitefish Lake, Montana)

June 23-24th - New Melones 2-Day Kokanee Tourney (Angels Camp, California)

July 7-8th - Ontario Pro-Am Salmon & Trout Team Tournament (Oswego County)

July 7-8th - Annual Tobacco Valley Rod and Gun Derby (Koocanusa, Montana)

July 14th - Livinston Kids Trout Derby (Livingston Lagoon, Montana)

July 14-15th - Red Cross Fishing Derby (New York)

August 3-4th - Annual Fish Contest (Montana)

August 4th - Stampede Reservoir Kokanee Derby (California)

August4-5th - Annual Great Montana "Mac Attack" Derby (Flathead Lake, Montana)

August 14-15th - Ontario Pro-Am Salmon & Trout Team Tournament (Wayne County)

August 17th - September 3rd - Lake Ontario Fall Fishing Derby

August 18th - Bucks Lake Team Kokanee Derby (California)

August 18th - Mc's Kids Fishing Derby (Willow Creek Reservoir, Montana)

September 8th - Shaver Lake Team Kokanee Derby (California)

September 15th - Annual Fort Peck Lake Salmon/Lake Trout Derby (Fort Peck Reservoir, Montana)

September 22nd - Lake Pardee Kokanee Derby (California)

September 28 - October 20th - Fall Mack Days (Flathead Lake, Montana)

October 13-14th - Annual Shasta Lake Trout Derby (Lake Shasta, California)

Go Fishing Show 2007

The Go Fishing Show is one of the U.K's biggest fishing shows of the year. This three day show kicks off on March 16th in Birmingham and will run through the 18th. Tickets are on sale now and if you book in advance, you'll save 20%!

You can meet the team behind Trout Fisherman (the U.K.'s largest trout magazine), learn to tie flies, watch demonstrations and check out the latest fishing gear.

There are plenty of exciting things to see and do at this Fishing Show, including trying out their state-of-the-art fishing simulator where you can experience what it's like to catch an 80 pound fish!

You'll also have the opportunity to check out the new fly rod that was developed using carrots! No kidding! Scottish scientists developed a new substance, called Curran, by combining carrot fibers with resin. It's hoped that the new product will be used in place of carbon fiber in products.

Just Cast has just developed a new line of fly rods using Curran and will showcase them at the Go Fishing Show in Birmingham on March 16th-18th.

Be sure to check out the 2007 Spring Fly Fishing Show also!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

2007 Spring Fly-Fishing Show in U.K.

The 2007 Spring Fly-Fishing Show will be taking place at the George Stephenson Centre in Nottingham between March 3rd and 4th.

The show will include fly casting demonstrations, speakers, and more. There will even be a fly-tying competition for those who want to show off their skills!

Some of the best-known British fly fishers will be there, including Charles Jardine and Iain Barr. Charles will be discussing "flies changed his life" and Iain will be revealing a few of his best fly fishing secrets!

You might also like to check out the U.K. Go Fishing Show which is coming up in March and the 2007 Fly Fishing Show in the U.S. which is currently on tour.

Alpers Trout Head South

Alpers trout are considered by many to be the cream of the crop in hatchery trout. They typically weigh anywhere from 2 to 16 pounds when caught by anglers. And until recently, they've been exclusive to anglers in the Eastern Sierra region.

Anglers have been catching world-class Alpers trout out of San Joaquin river, Hot Creek, Owens river, Mammoth Lakes, June Lake, and other waters in the Eastern Sierra region for years.

Alpers trout get their name from the family that raises them. The Alpers family turned the Alpers Owens River Ranch into a private fishing ranch in the 1920's. Several years later (in the '70s and '80s) they started raising trout to stock their own family ponds. In 1984, local communities asked the Alpers family to grow bigger trout for local waters. Alpers trout were stocked in addition to those stocked by the Fish and Game Department.

Alpers trout are raised in pure streams and ponds on Alpers Owens River Ranch. They're hand-fed, are typically 2-3 pounds in size before they are planted into neighboring lakes and rivers. The Alpers family have perfected growing trout famous for their size, fight, wildness, and their tender pink flesh.

However in 2004, the Alpers family business was nearly ruined after bilogist found an invasive mud snail in hatcherys water and trout. But the Aplers family rallied to rid their water and fish of the New Zealand mud snail.

Today, raising trout is the Alpers family primary occupation. Over 60,000 pounds of Alpers trout are stocked in lakes and streams from southern Inyo County to northern Mono County. And now, anglers in Laguna Niguel can experience the excitement of catching Alpers trout!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Miscellaneous Fishing Equipment Sale

If you're looking for miscellaneous fishing equipment, then you might want to check out the 2007 Pre-Season Fishing Sale at - it's not just for Bass!

I live in one of those small towns where our the closest thing we have to a sporting goods store is a couple of isles in Wal-Mart.

So the BassPro Shop has been one of my favorite places to get miscellaneous fishing equipment for years. I've come to trust their online ordering system and have found things there that I had trouble finding elsewhere.

Right now you can get fishing rods, reels, ice fishing equipment, apparel, and more fishing accessories on sale.

Click here to check out the miscellaneous fishing equipment on sale.

Wildhorse Reservoir Trout Fishing Derby

Wildhorse Reservoir is having a two-day trout fishing derby on President's Day Weekend (February 17-18, 2007).

Entry fee is $25 per person per day and cash prizes will be awarded daily for the three largest trout.

In addition to Rainbow and German Brown trout, you can also catch Tiger Trout at Wildhorse Reservoir.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tiger Trout

Tiger trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) are a hybrid species that occur when a brown and brook trout mate. These trout get their name because of their tiger-like markings. You can see a really good photo of a Tiger trout by clicking here.

Tiger aggressive predators who like to eat smaller fish. And since they're known for putting up a good fight, anglers enjoy catching them.

Many fish hatcheries have started breeding Tiger trout in an effort to help control some of the competition (like chubs) faced by some game fish. Due to their aggressive nature and willingness to hunt prey in shallow waters, it's thought that Tiger trout might survive better than other species.

However, Tiger trout are sterile and unable to reproduce. Thus it's up to hatcheries to keep reproducing them.

Tiger trout can be found in many states and other countries including:
  • Pennsylvania
  • Nevada
  • Utah
  • Colorado
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Montana
  • Wyoming
  • Washington
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • West Virginia
  • South Dakota
  • Saskatchewan
  • England
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
When fishing for tiger trout, follow the same trout fishing tips used for other species. Lure, artificial flies, worms and PowerBait are all effective bait sources. Remember that tiger trout like to eat smaller fish, so using jigging techniques with flashy lures often work well.

When ice fishing for tiger trout, try using an ice fly tipped with a piece of mealworm or nightcrawler. Many anglers like to fish using two hooks (each with different bait) until they figure out what works best.

Annual TroutFest set for Feb. 25 in Winneconne

The annual TroutFest hosted by Central Wisconsin's Trout Unlimited will be held February 25th at the Fin 'n Feather in Winneconne. The TroutFest will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. and features 10 seminars beginning on the half hour.

Admission is FREE to the public. There will be activities for anybody interested in trout fishing, trout biology, water monitoring, stream ecology, fly fishing, fly tying, bamboo rod making, and more!

Over 60 fly and knot tiers, biologist, environmentalist, rod builder, guides, and other experts will be there sharing their trout fishing knowledge and expertise.

Other highlights include fly fishing instruction for youth and a used fishing equipment rummage sale.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ice Fishing Great at Blue Mesa Reservoir

Blue Mesa Reservoir is Colorado's largest lake. Located just west of Gunnison, Blue Mesa features two marinas (Elk Creek and Lake Marina) for boaters and fishermen. Trout anglers can enjoy catching Brown, Lake and Rainbow trout, as well as Kokanee Salmon.

Trout fishers are enjoying the ice fishing on Blue Mesa Reservoir, currently layered in 3 feet of ice. While most anglers don't show up to the lake until 10 a.m. - the ones who arrive early in the morning boast the most success.

Anglers fishing in 15-20 feet of water are claiming the most success in catching trout.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Speckled Trout Fishing Closed in North Florida

If you're an avid spotted seatrout fisherman, February is a key month to remember.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has designated February as a closed month for spotted seatrout (also called "speckled trout") in coastal waters of the state’s Northeast and Northwest seatrout regions.

Simply put, anglers may continue to fish for spotted seatrout in the affected areas during February, but all fish must be immediately released unharmed.

Northeast Seatrout Region waters include state waters north of the Flagler-Volusia County line to the Florida-Georgia border, and adjacent federal Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) waters. Northwest Seatrout Region waters include all state waters north and west of a line running due west from the westernmost point of Fred Howard Park Causeway, which is approximately 1.17 nautical miles south of the Pasco-Pinellas county line to the Florida-Alabama border, and adjacent federal EEZ waters.

During all months except February, anglers in the Northeast and Northwest seatrout regions may keep no more than five spotted seatrout measuring from 15-20 inches total length, with one trout exceeding 20 inches total length. The bag limit in the state's South Region is four fish per angler per day.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Trout Fishing Basics Class in Pennsylvania

The annual Washington County Sportsman Show will be held February 8 - 11 at the Washington Crown Center Mall, in Washington, Pennsylvania.

There will be all sorts of outdoor sportsman displays, taxidermists, seminars, and more. Antique fishing lure appraiser Grumpy Ash will also be there.

On Friday, February 9th, there will be a Trout Fishing Basics Class from 7 - 8 p.m. in the Gander Mountain Store in the mall.

Friday, February 02, 2007

4th Annual Bob McMillen Memorial Fishing Tournament

This Saturday (February 3, 2007) is the 4th Annual Bob McMillen Memorial Fishing Tournament. The fishing tournament will be held at Oak Grove Park in San Joaquin County and will begin at 6:15 a.m.

The tournament will be open for all ages and feature three competitions: Youth (ages 10 and under), Teens (age 11-17) and Adult (ages 18 and older). Prizes will be awarded for each category.

Kids 15 and under fish free. Everybody over 15 years of age will need a valid California fishing license and pay a $3 fishing fee.

About 2,000 rainbow trout weighing 1 - 2 pounds have been planted in the lake in preparation for Saturday's derby.

This is a great event for the whole family to enjoy. For more information, call (209) 331-2050.

Pardee Lake Officially Open for Fishing

As of today (February 2, 2007), Pardee Lake has officially reopened for fishing. The lake has been stocked with more than 10,000 trout in preparation.

Pardee Lake is known for it's excellent trout fishing and record trout. This lake also has a new state-of-the-art fish cleaning station.

Enjoy the fishing season!