Monday, March 31, 2008

Czechs Nymphs Win 28th Annual World Fly Fishing Championhship

Well, it's official now. The Czech Nymphs have won the 28th Annual World Fly Fishing Championship in New Zealand. Team U.S.A placed 8th in the overall competition. The New Zealand team took home the silver medal with France taking the bronze medal. You can check out the final team results by clicking here.

Anglers on the Czech and French teams also placed well in the individual standings. Josh Stephens (from Team U.S.A.) placed 20th in the overall individual standings. You can click here to view more individual rankings.

To view more information about previous World Fly Fishing Championships, click here.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Initial Results of World Fly Fishing Championship

The 28th Annual Fly Fishing Championship started off great for Team U.S.A, who placed fourth after the first day of fishing. However, following day 2, Team U.S.A. slipped in the rankings and currently ranks 7th in the overall standings.

New Zealand is currently in the lead followed by the Czech Republic. England is currently in line for the bronze medal. You can check out the other rankings of competition by clicking here.

There are still two more sessions to complete before awards can be handed out. Stay tuned for more information ....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trout Derby at Powder Mill Park on April 1st

The Fish Hatchery at Powder Mills Park will host a variety of fishing derbies this spring beginning the Riedman Foundation Opening Day Trout Derby on April 1, 2008. The derby will begin at 7 a.m. and run til noon at the weigh station at Powder Horn Lodge.

Fishing will take place in designated areas of Irondequoit Creek within the boundaries of Powder Mills Park. Prizes will be awarded for the largest catch (1st, 2nd, & 3rd) at noon at Powderhorn Lodge.

There is a $5 registration fee for anglers 8 yrs of age and older. Advanced registration is required. To register, contact the hatchery staff at 586-1670.

Powder Mills Park is owned and operated by Monroe County. Riedman took over the hatchery when he heard the county was going to close it. Proceeds from the trout derby will benefit the fish hatchery.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

World Fly Fishing Championship This Weekend

Just wanted to send a quick reminder that the FIPS-MOUCHE World Fly Fishing Championship will be taking place this weekend in New Zealand.

Following two practice days, there are three days of competition (beginning March 22, 2008) at five different lakes and rivers involving both bank and boat fishing. Results are posted at the end of each day's competition at competition headquarters and on the NZ Fishing website.

The NZ National Open Feather Merchants Fly Tying Championship will also take place this weekend. This first annual Championship is designed to showcase the fly tying skills and artistic talents of fly fishers from around the world. It's open to all Competitors (team members) registered for the WFFC and all current members of SFFNZ.

Should be an exciting weekend! And of course, we'll be sure to post the final results here.

Monday, March 17, 2008

South West U.K. Fly Fishing Season Opens Wednesday

U.K. anglers are anxiously awaiting the fly-fishing season opener at Hawkbridge Reservoir, near Spaxton on Wednesday.

A large crowd is expected. Members of the locally-based Hawkridge Fly-Fishing Club will also be there. The club always welcomes new members and offer free tuition and advice.

The other Wessex Water reservoirs at Sutton Bingham, near Yeovil, and Clatworthy (Wiveliscombe) will also open on Wednesday.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Youth Fly Fishing Clinic in California March 15th

There will be a youth fly fishing clinic on Saturday, March 15, 2008 near Oroville, California. The clinic is sponsored by the the Wilderness Unlimited Foundation (WUF) and the Northern California Council Fly Fishing Federation (NCCFFF).

The one-day fly fishing clinic will be held at the "99 East" Ranch of Wilderness Unlimited (WU) and is open to all youth between ages 10-16 interested in learning the basics of fly fishing. No previous experience is required.

The clinic, part of WUF’s ongoing fly fishing education program, is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. There is a student expense fee of $30, which covers take-home materials, use of equipment and lunch.

The seminar is limited to 16 students, who will be broken up into four groups. During the day each student will have personal, one-on-one instruction on entomology, knot-tying, casting and fly-tying.

All students will be given ample fishing time as well. The facility is one of Wilderness Unlimited's fisheries, with ponds holding trout, bass, bluegill and catfish.

Reservations are required to attend the youth fly fishing event.

To make a reservation or attain additional information about the seminar, call (877) 611-4868 or e-mail

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Gila Trout Fishing Opportunities

In July 2007, anglers were allowed to fish for Gila trout in selected New Mexico waters for the first time since 1966. Several restrictions were imposed including a limited fishing season between July 1 and September 30. Other restrictions include the use of single barbless hooks on artificial flies and lures and anglers must release all Gila trout caught. A valid Gila trout permit is also required.

In February, a proposal to limit anglers to two flies per line was rejected by New Mexico’s State Game Commission.

Some anglers and guides had expressed concerns that fish on the San Juan River and other waters are being injured when lines with multiple flies break and wrap around fish. Broken lines with flies also are potential hazards to waterfowl and other wildlife.

The Commission also voted in favor of adding portions of Mogollon Creek to the list of Gila trout angling opportunities and extending the season from September 30 to October 31. For more information about the latest Gila trout fishing proposals, click here.

For more information about Gila trout fishing in New Mexico, click here.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

5th Annual Fredericksburg Fly Fishing Show

This year's Fly Fishing Show will be held March 22, 2008 at the National Guard Armory in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Admission is $5 for entire day of fly fishing fun!

Fly fishing legend Lefty Kreh and author Beau Beasley will join this year's guest speaker lineup. This year's show will also feature a great variety of vendors, casting instruction, a fly tying table, two different raffles, and a silent auction to support the club and its activities with the community in the coming year.

This show is hosted annually by the Falmouth Flats Fly Fishers. A group dedicated to conservation and restoration of our natural resources and education of the public about all aspects of fly fishing.

For more information about the Fredericksburg Fly Fishing Show, click here.