Friday, May 28, 2010

Speckled Trout Biting Feverishly in Florida

Captain Mark Howard reported today that the speckled trout in the Brandenton area of Florida are biting feverishly on moving water.  He also went on to say that shiners hooked in the pectoral area have triggered the most strikes. Captain Howard also recommends fishing the drop-off of flats and the intercoastal waterways.

You can read his full report by clicking here.

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Arizona State Parks Open for Camping & Fishing

Now that it's Memorial Day weekend, many Arizona State Parks and Campgrounds are opening up.  Some of these spots offer great fishing opportunities. 

Some of the more popular camping and fishing spots in Arizona include:
 Enjoy the weekend and happy fishing!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Splake Trout in Copperas Pond

We received this email tip from of our readers and wanted to share it. 

Copperas pond in Essex County in up state new york  has large splake trout in it. Apparently the local fishing guides don't normally mention this.  Our reader reports that he caught a 3 plus pounder there and hooked into a larger fish which snapped his 8-lb test line.

We'd love to hear from other trout anglers who have tried their luck at Copperas pond.