Saturday, August 18, 2007

Trophy Trout at Collins Lake

Collins Lake is one of Northern California's premiere trophy trout waters. This 1600 acre lake is about an hour North East of Sacramento and is open year-round.

Over 40,000 trout are planted each season in Collins Lake, making it the largest private trout planting program. The plantings usually begin in January and continue through May (averaging two plants per week). Many of the trout planted are in the 3-8 lb range.

This year, Collins Lake started raising rainbow trout in pens, in an effort to increase the trout stockings even more!

While trout catches have slowed down for many during these summer months, anglers are Collins Lake are still reporting some great trout catches. This week .....
  • A 7 lb rainbow trout was caught by one woman while trolling Sparkle Powerbait 30' down.
  • 2 Trout over 4 pounds were caught by another woman who was trolling a Blue Fox lure near the dam.
  • A 5 lb 8 oz rainbow trout was caught by a guy trolling a Rapala lure
There is a lot of good trout action at Collins Lake. Catch a tagged trout, and you'll earn a prize!

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