Friday, June 13, 2008

Having Trouble Catching Trout This Summer?

Many anglers (even experienced ones) have difficulty catching trout during the warmer summer months. This is to be expected since trout are cold blooded and prefer cooler water temperatures. The warmer temperatures get, the more uncomfortable they become. When this happens, their focus changes to survival (finding cooler water) than feeding.

This means you might have to change your fishing tactics a bit in order to catch trout. To begin with, you'll want to avoid fishing during the hottest part of the day (which is usually between 11 am and 3 pm in many places). You'll have your best luck during the early morning or dusk hours (when water temps are cooler and trout are out feeding on or near the water's surface).

You can still catch trout during the middle of the day, but you'll have to fish deep where water temps are cooler. If you're fishing from shore, you'll want to change your rig to a bottom fishing rig. If you're fishing from a boat, a fish finder can be a great help in finding trout. If you're fishing a river or stream, look for shaded riffles and deep pockets of cooler water.

Remember, that trout care more about comfort and survival than feeding. Once their primaries needs are met, they will actively feed.

Understanding these simple facts, will help you catch more trout in summer months. These tips and more, can be found in the Trout Fishing Tips eBook.

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