Thursday, September 11, 2008

Try Darker Lures This Fall Trout Season

It's not secret that fishing for trout during the Fall season usually produces great results. However, many anglers don't understand how altering their fishing tactics can help them catch even more trout!

With cooler outdoor and water temps, comes a few other important environmental conditions during the Fall season - which can affect the number of trout you catch. Heavy rains can make the water murky or muddy ... which can affect a trout's ability to see your lure or bait. Overcast days can also affect how your lure or bait look underwater.

One of the unwritten rules of trout fishing is that darker lures tend to work better on overcast days and in murky water. Without going into a long explanation, this has a lot to do with the visual light spectrum and how colors are under water.

In any case try this theory out for yourself. As we get later into the Fall trout season, try fishing darker lures. Try black and gold patterns. Lures with red and copper in them also tend to work well. Chartreuse is another good color during these conditions.

You also might like to try some glow in the dark lures - especially when fishing at night or in very murky water. These lures are effective because they're easier for trout to see under water.

Mepps makes some of the best trout lures available. They sell special trout lure kits containing some of the most effective lures in a single kit. Here are some of the more popular trout lure kits offered by Mepps.

Mepps Killer Hot Trout Kit

Mepps Killer Hot Trout Kit

Mepps' Killer Hot Trout Kit features an assortment of some of the hottest colors in fishing today. Assembled with the stream trout angler in mind, these inline spinners also work well for various panfish species. Hot Trout Kit includes: #0 Aglia Green Platinum #0 Aglia Rainbow Trout #1 Aglia Hot Firetiger #0 Aglia Hot Chartreuse #1 Aglia Hot Pink #1 Aglia Hot Orange

Mepps Killer Trouter Kit

Mepps Killer Trouter Kit

Mepps' Killer Trouter Kit includes six inline spinners in three different sizes, ensuring that you've got something in your box that'll entice those wary trout to bite. Trouter Kit includes: #00 Syclops Rainbow Trout #1 Aglia Copper #1 Black Fury Fluorescent #1 XD Silver Body/Silver Blade #0 Aglia Long Rainbow Scale #1 Thunder Bug May Fly

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