Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fishing at Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake is a favorite fishing hot spot for many California and Nevada anglers. Located in in Northwestern Nevada (about 35 miles Northeast of Reno), Pyramid Lake is on the Paiute Indian Reservation (which means you need a special tribal permit to fish there, which can be purchased online.).

If you've never been there and are imagining a beautiful lake similar to Lake Tahoe, think again. Pyramid Lake is nothing like Lake Tahoe. Despite being North of Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake is at a lower elevation, which means the water is shallower, warmer, and substantially more alkaline than Tahoe.

It's the Lahontan Cutthroat trout that draw anglers to Pyramid Lake. Listed as Nevada's state fish, these cutthroat trout are native to tributaries in the eastern Sierra. Because of size and bag limit restrictions, Pyramid Lake offers trophy trout opportunities for anglers.

Fishing in Pyramid Lake is full of challenges, especially in the warm summer months when the lake becomes highly stratified. As stated in the Trout Fishing Tips eBook, understanding how the environment affects trout behavior is often critical to catching trout.

Tui-chubs are a prime food source for Lahontan Cutthroat in Pyramid Lake. Since these chubs often appear yellowish-green in color, chartruese or green fishing lures tend to be very effective at Pyramid Lake.

Fly fishers also do well at Pyramid Lake. In fact, in 2008 a new fly rod record was set for an 11-lb, 1-oz. cutthroat trout caught on a 12-lb tippet.

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