Tuesday, February 16, 2010

$1200 a Day Lake Ontario Boat Derby

Summer is fast approaching and this year, Lake Ontario (in Canada) will be hosting a new $1200 a day Boat Derby.  This is event will run concurrently with the Summer Derby beginning June 19th and running through July 18th, 2010.  The LOC boat derby also coincides with the lsat two pro-arms and will utilize the LOC weigh-in stations, hours, and rules (other than described below).

Better yet, if you're submitting fish for consideration in the LOC Summer Derby, all rules, such as all members must be entered would have to be followed ... so yes, you could win in both derby's. 

The LOC Boat Derby prize will be $600 a day for the largest salmon (minimum 20 lbs) and $600 a day for the largest trout, one winning fish per day per boat.

The accepted minimum weight for trout will be:
  • Lake trout 15 lbs
  • Rainbow steelhead 13 lbs
  • Brown trout 10 lbs. 
The goal is to make all trout competitive. For example: If a 12 lb brown trout were entered, it would take a 17.01 lake trout to beat it.
The price for entry is $600 for active USCG registered captains and $300 for non-captains and this covers everyone on the boat.

If you don't hold a USCG license and didn't book a charter in 2009 or 2010, you can join at the $300 rate.

Checks and 1099’s will be sent to the person who registers and any distribution of funds to fishing partners is the responsibility of that person. The weigh in station that weighs each of the daily fish will collect $25.

If enough people haven't signed up for the LOC Boat Derby by May 15th, it will be canceled.  So you might want to sign up as soon as possible.

Signing up is easy ... and you can do it online or by mail.
You will be able to sign up at weigh in stations and registration outlets after the minimum entries have been met, but with cash or check ONLY.

Registration will be available after the boat tournament starts, but there is no pro rating of the fee and there is no daily entry fee to this event.

Monies collected over the stated prize structure of $36,000 and administrative fees will be divided up and awarded as prizes for the largest fish in each division.

For more information about the LOC Boat Derby, click here.

By the way, there's only 72 days left til the start of the Spring LOC Derby
(April 30 - May 9, 2010).

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