Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Share the Outdoor Experience with a Low-Income City Kid

Want to help show a city kid what summer fun is all about?  Here's your chance!  There's an organization called, "The Fresh Air Fund" that is dedicated to helping low-income city kids enjoy a summer experience they'll never forget.

Here's how it works ....

Folks volunteer to host a child in their home for 2 weeks. The goal is to help that child enjoy the great outdoors with you and your family.  So whether, you're in to hiking, fishing, camping, boating, etc. ... you have an opportunity to share the great outdoors with a city kid who who might not otherwise have this opportunity.

The Fresh Air Fund is in need of host families for this summer. Host families are volunteers who open their hearts and home to a child from the city to give them a Fresh Air experience that can change lives.  Here's a little more about the program.

Even if you can't host a child, you might like to consider making a donation to the program. You can donate online ... and if you donate now, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar.

To learn more about the Fresh Air Fund, click here.

If you've ever worked the program or know anybody who has, we'd love to hear your story!

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