Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Trout Fishing Tips for Spring

Although this past week has been a bit cooler than expected in some parts of the world, it won't be long before the Spring trout fishing season starts heating up!  Once the weather warms up a bit more, trout will become active predators and feeders.   Here's a few trout fishing tips to help you catch more trout this spring.

First, as water temps warm up a bit, trout will be moving closer to the surface and near shallow banks.  Warmer, oxygenated water will wake trout out of the sluggish state they've been in during the cold winter months.  This means they will begin actively preying on other fish and aquatic insects.

While artificial lures and power bait continue to produce results in the Spring, fishing with natural baits can produce even better results this time of year.  Night crawlers, mealworms, minnows, shrimp, eggs, and the like are natural food sources for trout.  These baits also have natural odors associated with them which attract hungry trout!

Since trout are feeding near the surface, you want to fish near the surface ... though you may still need to experiment with a different depths.  Learning to read trout lies and moving water will help you pick good fishing locations.

If you do want to give your favorite lure a try, here's a great article by Game and Fish Magazine on 10 Great Spring Trout Lures.

If you're new to trout fishing, check out our beginning trout fishing article.  There's no time like the present to learn how to trout fish!