Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Fishing for Beginners - Getting Started

While the videos in this post may will be too basic for some anglers, they'll be perfect for those who have never fished before but are anxious to learn.  These videos are for the person who just bought their first fishing rod and need help getting it set up.

Setting Up the Basic Spinning Rod

Spooling the Reel (for Spin Fishers)

Bottom Fishing Rig

This is one of the best lake fishing rigs you can use to catch trout.  I've had a lot of success using this rig over the years and provided more detail about it (and other rigs) in the "Trout Fishing Tips" eBook.

The three videos above will help you get your rod set up as well as your first trout fishing rig. Of course, there's still a lot more trout fishing.  The "Trout Fishing Tips" eBook offers a lot more information and tips geared toward helping you catch more trout.   You'll also find plenty more of trout fishing tips on this site!