Monday, March 12, 2007

Best Trout Recipe for the Campfire

We've received many emails this week from readers sharing their spring break plans to trout fish new waters. Like our readers, I too am planning a fishing trip this week. I will be taking my nephews striper fishing in the Colorado River - they're first official fishing trip. A local fishing guide (and friend of my brother) will be joining us on the trip - so we're expecting plenty of action.

Even though we'll be primarily fishing for stripers, we do plan to get some trout fishing in too. Since we'll be camping on the river, we're planning on some trout and striper dinners. Since many of you will be doing the same thing, I wanted to share an old family recipe for cooking trout on the campfire.

This trout recipe was shared with me by my great grandfather. I grew up camping and fishing, and this is how we used to cook our trout on these trips. It's the simplest and best way to cook trout in the outdoors. And it works on the BBQ grill too.

After cleaning and rinsing your trout, place it in a piece of tin foil (each trout should be wrapped individually). Add a teaspoon of butter, some salt and pepper (or other spices you like). When you're done, wrap the foil around the fish, sealing the edges closed.

Place the wrapped fish in near the edge of the camp fire (or on a BBQ grill) and let it cook for 3-5. Turn it over and let it cook again for 3-5 minutes. Cooking time will vary depending on the size of the fish. A trout 8-12 inches in length will follow these cooking times pretty closely.

After cooking, the trout should be nice and hot and ready to eat. If the head and tail were removed prior to cooking, the spine should just lift out easily after cooking. But be careful not to eat any stray bones that may not have been lifted out with the spine.

Kids will love this trout recipe because it's not only something easy for them to cook, but they'll be cooking their prize catch to eat!


  1. I cook trout this way all the time, the only thing I do differently is stuff the trout with veggies and herbs before cooking. Squash and zucchini are really good with rosemary, thyme, and sage. Add some very thinly sliced potatoes and it's a full meal.

  2. I cook trout just about this way to except in the oven at home I set it on 350 degrees and leave them in for about 45 minutes. I put lemon juice in them and lemon herb spices over them inside and out. I just can't belive how good these raninbow taste.

  3. Anonymous9:31 AM

    i cook rainbow trout like this. i used old bay seasoning, salt, pepper, and any cajun-type spices i can get my hands on. put them on the top rack of the grill.