Monday, August 24, 2009

Cooler Weather Means Better Trout Fishing

I don't know about the rest of the country, but where I live (northern Arizona), temperatures are starting to cool down ... which means the Fall trout fishing is just around the corner.

Trout become a lot more active when warm summer temps starting cooling down. They like cooler water (which is typically more oxygenated) and so will start feeding near the water's surface. This is good news for anglers!

This time of year, the best trout fishing still tends to be early morning and early evening ... but as mid-day temps drop further, trout will be easier to catch all day long.

Happy fishing!


  1. Hi Sherryl,
    I just read your post and plan to do some fishing at Lake Mary over the next couple of weeks. What have you found to be working the best recently..a certain spinner, flies, live bait???? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Chad,

    Lake Mary isn't the best place to catch trout. Folks generally fish Lake Mary for Northern Pike and Walleye. According to the AZ Fish and Game Department, there are rainbows in lower Lake Mary, but water levels currently low, so I wouldn't expect good trout fishing.

    However, if you're interested in Pike, here's an excerpt from Rory's latest fishing report:

    "LOWER LAKE MARY — Has been stocked since last spring. The water is low and it is very weedy.

    UPPER LAKE MARY — The lake is full. Anglers have reported that folks are catching black crappie, yellow perch and northern pike on soft plastic jigs and spoons. In addition they were catching walleye near the boat ramp on night crawlers".

  3. Sherryl,
    Great you have any info on Kinnikinick?? Heard it may be a little better for trout? However, I may give the northern pike a try at Upper Lake Mary....

  4. Here's some info on Kinnikinick Lake for you. If you end fishing there, be sure to tell us how it was.