Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mepps Spinners Aren't Just Good for Trout Fishing

Mepps Aglia Spinners have been a favorite lure for trout anglers since their invention. These simple in-line spinners have a great success rate in catching trout. Check out any trout angler's tackle box, and you're sure to find a couple of these spinners in it.

While in-line spinners aren't typically used by bass anglers, one guy discovered that Aglia spinners have helped him catch more white bass than the traditional spinner baits usually favored by bass anglers.

Judging by the Mepss Lure Selection guide, this comes as no surprise to them. They suggest several different Aglia spinners for white bass anglers.

So why are in-line spinners (like the Aglia) often overlooked by bass anglers? Probably because they're famous for getting stuck on weeds and rocks and anglers are always losing them. Unfortunately for anglers, large fish often hide in those same weeds and rocks (especially bass) and so if you want to catch them, you'll have to contend with the frustrations of getting your spinner stuck (and possibly losing it).

One of the attitude problems that many anglers tend to adopt is a "spare the spinner" mindset. Out of fear of losing $3-$6 lures, they tend to avoid rocky, weedy areas when fishing. While this can be more cost effective for the angler, the downside is that you're sacrificing opportunities to catch more and larger fish.

One way to combat this mindset is to make your own spinners. You can buy the parts in bulk and assemble your spinners which in turn can greatly reduce the cost of each spinner. And when they cost less, you don't mind losing them as much.

So the moral to story is don't be afraid to think outside the box (as this one bass angler did) and don't worry so much about losing those spinners (especially when the opportunity exist to catch more and larger fish).

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