Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ice Fishing Tip for Rainbow Trout

Some folks think trout hibernate during the winter months, but that's not true. They do get a bit sluggish and less active, but they do still need need to eat to survive.  The difference in winter is that they're looking for an easy meal.  They don't want to have to work as hard for their meals in the winter months.

That said, many anglers enjoy ice fishing for rainbows during the colder months.  If you're one of those anglers, you may want to try the trout tip offered in this video. 

So next time you're out ice fishing for rainbows, try adding a nightcrawler to your tip-up. Have other ice tips for trout, let us know.

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  1. Anonymous8:13 PM

    very cool powerbait corn pellets are great to crawlers never tried it but im optomistic im sure il catch fish