Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Ice Fishing with Tip-Ups

Since many of us live in areas currently covered in snow and ice, I thought some ice fishing tips would be helpful.   And I love videos for obvious reasons.  This video below offers some tips for ice fishing with tip-ups.

For those who aren't familiar with them, tip-ups are strike indicators that rest above your ice fishing hole.  Your line is typically attached to one end of the tip-up and lowered into the water and a flag is attached to the other end.  When a passing fish strikes your line, the flag raises to let you know you a fish may be on the line.

The advantage of using tip-ups is that you can sit warmly in an ice shanty and watch your tip for strikes rather than sit in the cold holding a pole.  Another advantage is that you can fish multiple lines at once.

The video below offers a few tips for ice fishing with tip-ups.

Click here to see an ice fishing tip for rainbow trout.

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