Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Trout Records for 2010

There were some new trout records set in 2010 and I thought it would be fun to share them here with you.  While Roger Hellen's 41.8 lb  brown trout was certainly the highlight of the year, there were also several new state records set.

Roger Hellen's 41.8 lb brown trout shattered the previous 1986 IGFA line-class record  and tied the Tom Healy's all-tackle record which was set in 2009.  The only reason Hellen's brown trout didn't break Healy's record was because of an IGFA ruling which states the new record must weigh more than the previous record by certain margin.  Hellen's fish is also Wisconsin's new brown trout record.

Kansas recorded new records for rainbow and brown trout in March of 2010. The new brown trout record weighed in at 4.18 lbs (measuring 20.25 inches).  This fish was caught with a Kastmaster lure  in Kanopolis Reservoir Seep Stream.  Ten days later, a 10.29 lb rainbow trout was pulled out of Shawnee Mission Park Lake using Berkley PowerBait.

Maine recorded a new brook trout record weighing in at 9.02 ounces.  This trout was pulled out of Mousam Lake  The previous record (8 lbs 8 oz) was set in 1979.  A new rainbow trout record was also recorded in 2010. The new rainbow record weighed 8.42 lbs and was caught in Kennebec River in Solon.

Ohio recorded a new steelhead trout record. This 21.3 lb and 38 inch rainbow trout was pulled out of Lake Erie.

South Carolina also recorded a new state record for brook trout.  Amazingly enough, the previous 30 year brook trout record was broken three times in less than a week!  The newest record weighs 3 lbs 9.5 oz was caught using a Super Duper Spinner in South Saluda River.

Texas recorded three new trout records back to back with the final record weighing in at 8.92 lbs and measuring 26.5 inches.  This rainbow trout set the new all-tackle, rod and reel state record.

Wyoming recorded a new Tiger Trout record in November, 2010.  The new record weighed 5.12 lbs and measured 23.9 inches in length.  This fish was caught in High Savery Reservoir.

For more information about previous trout records, click here.

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