Friday, January 07, 2011

Winter Trout Flies

Fly fishing in winter is challenging for a lot of anglers because trout tend to feed below the surface this time of year.  And if you want to catch them, the fly fisher typically needs to fish nymphs and other wet flies. 

Some of the more popular nymphs to fish with during the winter season include the Wooly Bugger, Wooly Worm, Hare's Ear and Muskrat Nymph.  Large stoneflies and dragonfly nymphs can also be good for catching trout in the winter.

The golden rule in choosing a fly is to observe insects are currently hatching.  In winter, where you typically don't see any insects flying around, looking under rocks in the water can be helpful.  Overturning a few rocks will give you an idea of what trout are feeding on ... as well as help you select an appropriate nymph to entice them with.

Bass Pro Shops offers a nice selection of freshwater Wooly Buggers in different sizes.  They offer other assortments of flies as well in nice kits.

Umpqua Freshwater Fly Assortment - Wooly Bugger

Umpqua Freshwater Fly Assortment - Wooly Bugger
It never hurts to have a number of Wooly Buggers. Probably the world's most popular all-purpose fly, Wooly Buggers are incredibly versatile patterns that will catch fish just about anywhere. This Umpqua assortment includes a fly box included. Consisting of 12 great wooly patterns, this assortment includes 2 of each of the following: Black Wooly Buggers - Size 10Brown Wooly Buggers - Size 10 Olive Wooly Buggers - Size 10Gold Bead Rubber Leg Wooly Buggers Brown - Size 8Gold Bead Rubber Leg Wooly Buggers Olive - Size 8Gold Bead Rubber Leg Wooly Bugger Black - Size 6. Umpqua® Freshwater Fly Assortment - Wooly Bugger - 12 Piece

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